Display Window


The Toolbar is the bar at the top of the Display Window. It contains icons that provide access to a number of functions supported by Istoriam.

Showing/Hiding the Toolbar

To Hide (or Show) the Toolbar, click on the 'Views' dropdown menu, and then select 'Hide Toolbar' if the toolbar is visible or 'Show Toolbar' if the Toolbar is hidden.

Toolbar Icons

The figure below shows the Toolbar of Istoriam. 



The following icons/functions are provided on the Toolbar (starting from the left):

  • Filter: Opens the Filter Management Window in which you can manage your filters (see 'Working with Filters').

  • Editor: Opens the Editor Window in which you can edit records in bulk (see 'Working with the Editor').

  • Configuration: Opens a Configuration Panel Window in which you can manage the configuration of the application and change your preferences (see 'Configuration Panel').

  • Table View: Opens a Table View Window in which the filtered records are displayed in a table format (see 'Table View” under “Miscellaneous').

  • iCloud: There is no action associated with that icon. The icon only shows the status of the iCloud operation. A clear ‘cloud' indicates that the iCloud connection is active and working. A ‘strike over cloud’ indicates that either iCloud is not enabled or not working correctly (see ‘Working with iCloud').

  • Progress Indicator: Typically not visible unless the application is running some iCloud operations in the background that limits the operation of the application.

  • Add: Open the Record Management Window for adding a record (see 'Adding a Record' in 'Working with Records').

  • Edit: Open the Record Management Window for editing a record. The window fields will be pre-populated with the content of the selected  record in the Display View (see 'Editing a Record' in 'Working with Records').

  • Duplicate: Duplicate the record currently selected in the Display Window (see 'Duplicating a Record' in 'Working with Records').

  • Delete: Delete the record currently selected in the Display Window (see 'Deleting a Record' in 'Working with Records').

  • Attribute/Value: Highlight in the Display Window all the records that contain the 'Value' specified for the selected 'Attribute'. The supported attributes are: Title, Level and Tags (see 'Searching for Records' in 'Working with Records').

  • Feedback: Provides a couple of mechanism (using emails) for you to provide us with feedback, error or for sharing the application with a friend.

  • Help: Open the Manual Window, which is the window you are currently reading this manual in.


Like all Apple Mac applications, Istoriam come with a set of menu options that can be found at the top of the screen.

Currently, the application supports the following group of menu options:

  • Istoriam: a standard menu group that manages the main window of the application.

  • Timelines: a set of menu options for managing the timelines in which the records are stored. 

  • Records: a set of menu options to manage records such as creating a record, deleting a record, etc.

  • Filters: a set of menu options to manage filters such as vacuuming filters.

    • Note: The Filters menu replaces the Record menu when the Filter Management Window is open and is the key window.​

  • Edit: a standard menu group for editing text. This menu is functional only when entering the description text of a record.

  • iCloud: the menu group in which you can manage and view the iCloud operations

  • Buy:  the menu group under which you can buy and unlock the application as well as restore your purchase (when needed)

  • Window: contains menu options to manage the main window as well as open/access the other windows used by Istoriam.

  • View: a standard menu group for managing the toolbar and other view features.

  • Contact: the menu group in which the application provides a few options to contact us or share the applications with your friends.

  • Help: opens the manual window in which you are reading this document.


Note that the majority of the menu options are also accessible using key equivalents. For the menu options that are unique to Istoriam and added by the application, a standard Shift-Command-letter is used. The currently added key equivalents are:​

Screen Shot 2019-12-21 at 9.50.13 AM.png
  • Shift-Command-A

  • Shift-Command-B

  • Shift-Command-C

  • Shift-Command-D

  • Shift-Command-E

  • Shift-Command-F

  • Shift-Command-H

  • Shift-Command-I

  • Shift-Command-P

  • Shift-Command-R

  • Shift-Command-S

  • Shift-Command-T

  • Shift-Command-U

  • Shift-Command-X

Add Record

(open) Sandbox Window


Delete Record

Edit Record

(open) Filter Management Window

(open) Manual Window/Help

Enable/Disable iCloud operations

(open) Configuration Panel Window

(open) Editor Window

Select all records

(open) Table View Window

Duplicate Record

Expand All