In-App Purchases

Unlocking the Application


The trial version of the app allows you to add up to 15 records. Once that number is reached the unlocked version of the app has to be purchased.

At any time you can unlock the application by selecting the 'In-App Purchases' sub-menu under the 'Buy' menu option. 

When the In-App Purchase window opens, select the ‘Purchase’ button to purchase the full version of the app.

Alternatively, if you attempt to add a record after you reached the maximum allowed with the trial version, an alert window will pop up giving you the option to purchase the unlocked version.

Vertical format

The standard package of the application supports the horizontal display only.

The vertical display format is purchased (in-app) separately. You can purchase this feature from the In-App Purchase window that can be opened by selecting the 'In-App Purchases' sub-menu under the 'Buy' menu option. You have also the option of trying the vertical display format before buying it.

Buying Pre-Built Timelines


One idea behind the development of Istoriam is to be able to provide Pre-Built Timelines (PBT) that users can add to their own timelines to complete or complement them.

Check available PBT here.


You can add a PBT to your timeline in a trial mode to review its content. You can cancel the trial at any time.


If you liked the content of the PBT and want to keep it permanently in your own timeline, you can then buy it. 


To try or buy a PBT, click on the 'In-App Purchases' sub-menu under the 'Buy' menu option. The In-App Purchase window will open where you can select to either try or purchase a PBT. 


An information button is associated with each PBT which will display some information about the PBT and provide a link to a demo video.

Bought PBT can be 'Activated' or 'Deactivated'. When Activated, the PBT records will be visible (dependent on the applied filter). When Deactivated, the PBT records will not be displayed. Like this you will be able to control which of the PBTs to include in your view at a given time.

The activation or not of a PBT can be done in the same 'Pre-Built Timelines' window.


Note that you will not be able to edit, delete or duplicate any of the PBT records or filters.


A 'Report Error' option is provided to report any error that you might detect in the PBT.


Finally, if required, the purchase of any PBT can be restored with the 'Restore Purchases' menu selection under the Buy menu option.

Restoring Purchases


You can at any time restore you purchases by selection the 'Restore Purchases' submenu option from the “Buy” menu option.

When the In-App Purchase window opened, tap on the ‘Restore Purchase’ button to restore your purchase.