Rich set of parameters

Istoriam allows you to create records with a rich set of parameters such as:

  • Title

  • Start and End Dates

  • Three types of records

  • Color options

  • Tags

  • Level

  • Hierarchy

  • Describing text

  • Location coordinates

  • URL references 

  • Photos 

Display Control

Istoriam display can be modified and adapted to your specific taste.

Some of the variables that can be set:

  • The size of the displayed text

  • The date format

  • Time granularity

  • Vertical and horizontal spacing between the records

and many others.

Hierarchical Design

Records can be configured in a hierarchical form, structuring 'Children' records under a 'Parent' one.

Sophisticated filtering tool

Sophisticated filtering tools are provided that can help taylor the displayed records to your exact needs.