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What platforms is Istoriam available for?

Istoriam is available only for the macOS platforms (e.g. iMac).

An older version of the application is available for iOS/iPad. However, the iOS version is not maintained or supported anymore. Note also that the database format for the macOS platforms has evolved and is not compatible anymore with the one used with the old iOS version. Hence sharing databases between the two platforms should be avoided (e.g., by using iCloud).

Is the application free?

A trial option is provided where you can create up to 25 records for free. To exceed that number, you will need to buy (unlock) the application for a fee. Currently, the macOS version sells for US$ 11.99. For internatioal currencies, Apple is responsible for the exchange rate.

Can I try the application before I buy it?

Yes. A trial option is provided where you can create up to 15 records for free.​

I cannot see a record I created

There are a few reasons why a record you created is not visible:

  1. First ensure that the Start Date of your record is within the time interval visible on the screen.

  2. Records are visible only if they are associated with a filter that is active. Any record you create will be associated to one or more (newly) created filter(s) which name(s) is(are) equal to the Tag values associated with the record (see 'Working with Filters'). If none of those filters is active, then the record will not be displayed. To display the record, tap on 'My Tags' on the Filter Panel and select a filter named after one of the Tag values you entered with the record. Any other filter associated with the Record can be selected as an alternative.

  3. A record could be the Child of a Parent record that is collapsed (i.e., the Parent record has its children hidden (see 'Record Hierarchy' section). Double tap on the Parent record to expand it and display its children.


Why are the Add (Duplicate) Icon/Menu inactive?

The demo/free version of the application allows you to create up to 15 records. Once you reach that number, you will not be able to add additional records unless you buy the full version. As a result, once that number is reached, both the “Add” and “Duplicate” features are deactivated until the full version is bought.

How do I share my timeline with another person?

The method depends on whether you want to share the whole timeline or only part of it, and also on whether the other person is using a Mac with Istoriam on it or not.


First you should determine whether you want to share the whole timeline or part of it. In the latter case, you will need to filter the timeline to display the set of records to be shared.

If that other person does not have a Mac or does but does not want to use Istoriam, then you can export your timeline to PDF and share it with him/her. The export feature is under the 'Timelines' menu option.


If that other person is using (or willing to use) Istoriam, then, if you want to share the whole timeline, you can 'Save as' it into a file and share that file with him/her. If you want to share a part of the timeline, then use the 'Export -> STL' feature to export that filtered result into a separate file that you can then share with him/her.

That other person can then either open the received file with Istoriam (if they want to see your timeline separately and on its own) or 'Import' the file into their own timeline (if they want to add your records to theirs).

What does Istoriam mean?

Istoriam is a loose combination of ‘Istoria' which in latin means story or history and ‘Gram’ which in latin or greek means message.​

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