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Mouse Operations


















Istoriam offers a number of functionalities through the operation of the mouse. Getting familiar with those operations could accelerate some of the work you are trying to complete or could help you improve the viewing of your timeline.


Starting with the left button:

  • A single click on the space around the record title will select the record. This will allow you then to use the Toolbar menu or the regular menu to Edit, Delete or Duplicate a record.

  • When the record is a parent with children, a single click on the Hierarchy red triangle will highlight the records that are the children of the parent. This is useful when the children of many parents are inter-mixed at the same level.

  • Double clicking on a record will open the record components window in an edit mode. It is a quick way to edit a record.

  • Hold-Shift-click on a record will allow you to select multiple records.

  • Hold-Shift-click on the Hierarchy red triangle will select the Parent record and all its children.

  • A single click in the open will clear all selections


Moving to the right button

  • A single right clicking on the title of a record will display a popup menu. The set of features available through that menu will vary based on the record configuration.

  • A single click on the Hierarchy red triangle of a parent record with children will expand or collapse the content of the record.

  • A single click on any of the other icons will open a popup window that display either the record description, record photos or record locations.

  • A single click on the record horizontal line, a popup window will show you the record title and dates. This is useful when the record duration expands beyond the window frame and the record title and date become invisible.

  • A single click in the open will open a Mouse Operation reminder window.

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